To be the top-of-mind real estate firm in our market segment by consistently providing highly creative and innovative services that translate into significant value for our customers. To be the best in what we do.


To transfer and deliver all our knowledge, resources and talent for the benefit of our customers so that they can make better-informed real estate decisions.


The needs of our customers are out top priority. We operate in an enterprising spirit that is steered by discipline, simplicity, transparency and honesty. We focus on delivering exactly as promised.

• TECNI was the first firm in the country to have formalized an ALLIANCE with CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD (C&W), the world leader in the segment of commercial real estate brokerage, which enables us to benefit from.


• C&W’s global presence, with more than 45,000 professionals in more than 250 cities in 70 countries around the world.


• Since the year 2000, when TECNI was selected as the listing broker for the Guadalajara WTC, the city’s first iconic real estate project with over 215,000 square feet of floor space, TECNI has been a helping factor in the consolidation of the commercial real estate industry in the whole metropolitan area.


• In 2010 TECNI closed one of the most representative office deals in the GDL metropolitan area when we secured for the ANDARES PATRIA TOWER project a 59,200 square-feet office lease for banking giant Citi-BANAMEX.


• In 2009 TECNI was named, and has been repeatedly ratified – as the exclusive agent for the LEASING of one of the GDL metropolitan area’s largest industrial parks: the Parque Industrial Tecnológico 2 (Technological Industrial Park 2 – PIT2), with more than 1’300,000 leasable square feet.


• TECNI has strongly supported convenience store chains like OXXO, 7-Eleven and EXTRA in their drive to expand their presence in various locations around the country. Just for OXXO, TECNI has secured more than 150 properties.

• Throughout our region of influence, TECNI has formalized retail properties for 68 Benavides Drugstores (Farmacias Benavides / Wallgreen´s ), 1 Home Depot store, 4 Office Depot stores and more than 38 banking offices , among many others in the retail segmen.


• TECNI has actively participated in the industrial market by securing the spaces for some of the most important projects in the GDL metro area, like the WTC Confianza distribution center, with an area of 322,900 square feet; the Sabritas Huentitán (Pepsico) distribution center, with 172,200 square feet; the BONAFONT (Danone) distribution center, with 215,200 square feet; Jabil’s newest building with 258,300 square feet; The new Herdez distribution center, with 96,800 square feet, and Assa Abloy’s manufacturing plant in GDL with 150,600 square feet.


• TECNI has also participated in the divestment of corporate, private and bank-owned assets for various regional and national institutions, numbering a total of 221 successfully divested properties to date.


• Since 2015, TECNI acts as the real estate consultant to the Universidad Panamericana – Campus Guadalajara (Panamerican University), one of the most prestigious private universities in Mexico;.


• In 2016 TECNI promotes 3 of the most relevant office projects in the GDL metropolitan area: CAMPUS ANDARES (139,900 square feet); ANDARES CORPORATIVO PASEO (365,900 square feet) and TECHPARC (301,000 square feet).

• In 2016, TECNI again obtains exclusive rights to market the first Business Park in Guadalajara, with more than 301,300 leasable square feet: TECHPARC.


• Also in 2016, TECNI is tasked with marketing the most relevant retail office project to date in Guadalajara, with more than 365,000 square feet: Andares Corporativo Paseo.


• In 2017, TECNI acts as a co-broker in the most important office leasing project so far in the history of Guadalajara: more than 150,000 square feet for telecommunications giant AT&T.


• Again in 2017, TECNI formalizes a lease contract for the new BOSCH operations center in Guadalajara which is set to occupy 100% of the rentable area (almost 130,000 square feet) of the SANIA building.


• Also in 2017, TECNI is assigned exclusive rights to the marketing of Parque Industrial Tecnológico 4 (Technological Industrial Park 4 – PIT4), with more than 1’500,000 leasable square feet.


• In 2018, TECNI is assigned the marketing of the TORRE NIBA (NIBA TOWER) office project, with 172,200 square feet of leasable area.


• Also in 2018 TECNI is named as building consultant for the Torre Américas Patria (Americas Patria Tower – TAP) and the CHAPALITOWN office tower.


• Again in 2018 TECNI is named as marketing consultant for the Torre Patria-Hipódromo project.